Friday, March 18, 2011

This is Important

Read this and do your part:

Also, here is a poem for you:

Dear jaded person, drifting away,
don't you hate when someone changes their status,
and it's meant for you but they address it to everyone?
So here I am rehearsin', bereft with dismay,
at dolls in the night, meant not to snatch us,
from the days we loved when all of us were one,
Who can rip your soul apart with a click?
This isn't clue, put down the candlestick,
shit's more complicated, much more severe,
our phobias instigated, too much to fear,
technology, etomology, estimology,
give me the numbers to make it right,
the feeling that we get, puts an edge in the night,
and we wake to the thoughts that once begot,
the fear once more of the idol that's caught,
among the waves of the future, nihilistic,
moral relativism applied to whats missed, it,
gets to what we came here to see,
that in the end what I fear is just in me


  1. Blacklisting of the internet is making the whole (internet)world like China. I'm strongly against it!
    Btw, nice poem :)

  2. nice poem,amazing rhyme,looking forward for more like this, followed&$upported ;)

  3. Interesting rhyming scheme. Followed!